Traitor Traitor is a Third Party role.
Traitor Traitor
Does not participate in mafia meetings. Mafia does not know who Traitor is.

Sided with the village.


  • Does not participate in mafia meetings. Mafia does not know who Traitor is.
  • Appears as a innocent on Cop reports.
  • Does not count toward mafia's majority win condition.
  • Only wins if mafia wins.

Roles that turn into Traitor

Killer Killer - When enforced by Enforcer, Killer turns into a Traitor.

Turncoat Turncoat - When attacked by Mafia, Turncoat turns into a Traitor.


  • If there is Traitors in a Multiple Mafia setup, Traitors will be put in a team. (ex.Traitor 1 is put in Black Mafia, Traitor 2 is put in Red Mafia.)
  • If Mafia wins, Traitor doesn't have a message saying they won.
  • You do not have to be alive to win with Mafia.

Strategies and Tactics

  • Act like a Villager Villager to reduce suspicion on you. Try your best to deduct who is the mafia. If there is a Stalker in the setup who knows your role, just act townish.
  • You are a extra vote for the MafiaA Mafia, so try not to die.
  • Try to make the VillageVillage spin around in circles by confusing them. But try not to act too scummy so Mafia doesn't lose a extra vote.
  • Stated in the Mechanics, you don't have to be alive to win with mafia. So even if you get lynched or shot, just hope Mafia wins.

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