Tinkerer Tinkerer or TINK is a VillageVillage role.


  • At night, if visited by no one, crafts a gun and arms himself with it.
  • When killed at night, his workshop is raided and one visitor receives a gun.
  • The gun raided from the workshop will always reveal the shooter.


  • If visited by a role like Watcher Watcher or Lookout, Tinkerer will still get a gun.
  • The person leading the lynch on Tinkerer will get a gun.
  • Tinkerer's gun acts like a Gunsmith Gunsmtih's. Meaning it has a 50% percent of revealing the shooter upon use.
  • If the Tinkerer dies by Anarchist's bomb, the Anarchist will get the gun.

Strategies and Tactics

As Tinkerer:

  • Shoot your scumread. If you're revealed, just hope Town doesn't lynch you.

Dealing with a Tinkerer gun.

  • A good strategy for Mafia with a Tinkerer's gun is not to shoot it. The reason because the VillageVillage will instantly lynch you when you shoot that rigged gun.
  • However, if you're a Fool, that happens to get the Tinkerer's gun, random shoot and hope the Village will lynch you. Which will result into your epic win.

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