Third Party or 3rd party roles have but one certain allegiance -- themselves. Instead of wanting all evil-doers killed, or the mafia to dominate, they typically have a very specific purpose in their roles. They can side with mafia or town to Template:Joint win.

List of Third Party roles

Role Description
  • Assigned one person at the start of the game.
  • Can choose to save that person once per game.
  • If that person dies that night, Angel dies instead.
  • Wins if their target is alive at the end of the game.
  • Selects one person at night
  • If the selected person visits the Siren that night, the person dies
  • Wins if successfully kills two people
  • Visits one person every night.
  • If that person is killed or lynched, they are protected.
  • Wins if he successfully protects twice.
  • Alternatively, wins if no one dies for four day/night phases.
  • Visits one person every night.
  • That person is converted to the Cult.
  • Any Cult member visited by Mason at night will die.
  • If the Cult leader is killed, all Cult members will die.
  • Wins if Cultists outnumber everyone else.
  • Anyone who visits the Cthulhu goes mad and speaks only gibberish during the day.
  • Madness can be cured by a Shrink visit or being recruited to a Cult.
  • Cthulhu dies if visited by Masons.
  • Wins only if the Cultists win.
  • Visits one person every night.
  • That person gets an infection that converts them to a Zombie exactly one day later.
  • Doctors can kill Zombies by visiting them.
  • Immune to Drunk, Hooker, conversions, can be killed.
  • Survivors will be infected but will not become zombies.
  • Wins if everyone is either infected or zombified.
  • All Zombies will die if they try infecting a cult member
  • Third party
  • Wins if lynched
  • Wins if town wins, while receiving fewer points (10)
  • Visits one person at night once per game.
  • The target will fall madly in love with her.
  • Both will die if the other dies of any circumstance.
  • Wins if both are alive at the end of the game.
  • Picks two people night 1
  • Those two people are in love, and keep their roles but also act as lovers (they both die if one does)
  • They get a message day 1 telling each other they've been matched
  • They both need to be alive at the end of the game to win regardless of their original affiliation
  • Cupid wins if both of his lovers are alive
  • One person in the town irritates him.
  • Wins if that person is lynched.
  • Wins if town wins, while receiving less points.
Killer Killer
  • Must visit one person every night.
  • Kills that person.
  • Wins if alive alone or among the final two.
  • Clock starts at 9.
  • Chooses one person to kill each night.
  • If victim is villager, clock goes up 2 hours.
  • If victim is mafia, clock goes down an hour.
  • If victim is third party, clock goes up 3 hours.
  • Gets an extra life if clock goes to 11 o clock.
  • Dies immediately if clock lands on 6.
  • Wins if 12 o clock, or if one of last 2 alive.
  • Visits one person each night.
  • If that person does not visit, the Survivor hides in their home and cannot be targeted.
  • Dies if their chosen person dies.
  • Wins if alive at the end of the game.
  • Each night chooses one person.
  • If that person is lynched the next day, the warlock has predicted correctly.
  • The warlock wins if he/she predicts correctly two times.
  • Chooses two people to put under the mistletoe.
  • If the players alignments are the same, they fall in love.
  • If players alignments are different, nothing happens and the Mistletoe is alerted that the love failed.
  • If kissed by hooker, becomes a nilla mafia.
  • Wins if everyone alive is in love with someone. Does not win with town.
  • Sided with the third-party.
  • Chooses an upcoming day or night during the night once.
  • Wins if the game ends at that time.
  • Visits one human every night.
  • That human is probed.
  • Probes count as items.
  • Wins if all living humans are probed.
  • Visits one person and attempts to call the role of that person.
  • If correct...
  • The Werewolf devours that player.
  • The Werewolf becomes invulnerable to day kills and lynches for one day.
  • If wrong...
  • The Werewolf will be revealed to all.
  • Wins if Werewolves outnumber all parties.
  • Visits one person in the graveyard at night.
  • Becomes that person's role in the game.
Traitor Traitor
  • Does not participate in mafia meetings.
  • Appears as a villager to investigative roles.
  • Only wins if mafia wins.
  • Wins if alive when village wins.
  • Village does not win if Autocrat is alive.
  • Vote counts twice during the day.
  • Politician will be sided with a random side at game start.
  • The Politican switches alignments every day until N2 (D3 for Daystart/Dawnstart setups). Afterwards, he switches alignments every 1.5 days.
  • If Mastermind is in the game, mafia meetings are anonymous.
  • Wins if alive when mafia wins.
  • Mafia does not win if mastermind is alive.

Sandbox and Games-only

Role Description
Template:Creepy Girl
  • Visits one person at night once per game.
  • That person receives a doll.
  • The doll is passed along each night by whoever has it. It can be stolen.
  • Creepy girl wins if alive when the person holding the doll dies.
  • All Admirers in the setup are evenly distributed to any Killers in the setup.
  • Knows who their Killer is, but Killers don't know who their Admirers are.
  • When a Killer dies, one of his Admirers (chosen at random) becomes a copycat Killer.
  • When that copycat dies, another Admirer of the original Killer becomes a Killer.
  • Appears as Villager when investigated.
  • The Killer and his respective Admirers win when they outnumber the village.
Template:Old Maid
  • Can choose one player to switch roles with each night
  • Nothing can prevent the role switch
  • Old Maid cannot win

Sandbox, Games and Survivor-only

Role Description
  • Visits one person every night.
  • That person receives a bomb.
  • Bomb will explode at a random time during the day, killing the holder.
  • Anarchist holding the bomb will not die, but will be revealed.
  • Wins if alive among final two, or if able to kill three people.
  • Can pass on role to another user on any day/night.
  • Cannot die.
  • Games cannot be ranked with host.
  • If host exists, village meetings can have no whisper leaks.

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