Shrink Shrink is a VillageVillage Role. The mafia variant of this role is the Enforcer, who converts the Killer Killer into a Traitor Traitor.
Shrink Shrink
Visits one person every night.

Sided with the village.


  • Visits one person every night.
  • That person cannot be converted that night.
  • Can choose to target self.
  • Converts Killer Killer to Villager Villager
  • Can cure the madness caused by the Cthulu.
  • Sided with the Village.


  • Shrink visits at night.
  • If shrinking the Turncoat Turncoat the night he gets attacked, he will not turn into a Traitor Traitor.


  • If there is a Turncoat Turncoat, try to find who they are since if they are attacked all game, they will not be converted into a Traitor.
  • Sometimes self-shrinking is the best choice.


Psychoanalyze Me! - You prevented a player from being converted 3 times!

Psycho-analyst! - You were able to talk the killer into joining the village!

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