Sheriff is a very powerful role if you use it correctly

some strategies for the Sheriff are:

  1. Sheriff's rule: Sheriffs most commonly shoot the first person to talk during the day, however they may say something like 'Whoever talks next is getting shot!' obviously you don't wanna talk first after this is stated
  2. You should always ask for confirmation before shooting (eg. if a player spoke first during the day ask if you should shoot him) this sorta contradicts the Sheriff's rule but it is important not to shoot without everyone being okay with that
  3. If you shoot someone and they don't die, DO NOT lynch them they could be vested or a bulletproof, but watch out, they could also be a Werewolf who's eaten someone, ask the player to state their claim and ask others to confirm it (eg. if a Templar has vested they could get others to confirm) although it could make them a target for killing roles