Metagaming, often shortened to just Meta, means playing a game using skills/techniques/knowledge outside that particular game.

Knowing each other IRL or outside the game and reading players during other games help improve metagaming "skill".


Disguiser testing

This is often used in Disguiser test.

For instance,  when PlayerA is disguised as PlayerB. Other players (PlayerC/D) can use metagaming skills to check if PlayerB is the real one.

PlayerC: Hey PlayerB, what is the dessert you love most?
PlayerD: Answer it, PlayerB!!!!
PlayerB: um...i forgot. Tiramisu?
PlayerC: Wrong! PlayerB loves brownies to death!
PlayerD: So then PlayerB is disguised!
PlayerB: ...caught :'(

in the above scenario, because PlayerB is actually PlayerA, who doesn't know PlayerB much. Other players uses metagaming skill(knowledge outside the game) to prove that PlayerB is fake.


When two players have played together a number of times, one player may pick up on certain styles and attitudes the other player has depending on his role. If PlayerA tends to be more talkative as a town-sided role, but quieter and less involved as a mafia-sided role, if PlayerB, who had played with PlayerA several times before, begun to pick up on this inconsistency, this would be considered metagaming.

See also scumtell .


Metagaming is a legitimate technique to use on EpicMafia. However, any external form of communication with other players while a game is in progress is considered as cheating. While you are going to use some metagaming techniques in game, do not go to far and commit any form of cheating listed here.

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