Loudmouth Loudmouth is a VillageVillage or LM is a role. It is most commonly featured in the Guiser perfected setup. Loudmouth is one of the many roles that appear as Villager Villager.
Loudmouth Loudmouth
Appears as villager to self.

Sided with the village.


  • Appears as villager to self.
  • If visited during the night, it will reveal ALL visitors.
  • When whispered, the whisper always leaks.
  • Sided with the Village.


  • Loudmouth reveals who visits him, INCLUDING Ninja.
  • Loudmouth cannot be masoned.
  • Driver doesn't wake up Loudmouth.

Other Roles that appear to self as Villager


  • Depending on the setup, you can find out if your Loudmouth by whispering to a random person. If it always leaks, then you are Loudmouth.
  • You are basically the town's wildcard if you die by mafia killing.
  • If there is a Werewolf in the setup and they end up eating you and Jailer is still alive, you basically help town win the game.

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