Jointing is when multiple groups that have competing win conditions work together to win. Due to the game ending once a single group wins, jointing must be coordinated in a manner where the groups cooperating fulfill their win conditions at the same time. It's worth mentioning that because the town's goal is to remove all of the mafia from the game, they are unable to joint with them. As well, opposing mafia groups are unable to joint with each other.

In some cases, refusing to joint with another group can be considered gamethrowing, due to the joint itself giving the groups the ability to win right then and there; Refusing to accept the joint is to refuse to win, which in turn is working against your win condition. Sometimes, one group in a potential joint may be in a position where they will win, regardless of whether or not they joint; In an instance like this, it is entirely up to the player whether or not they accept the joint.

In regular games of mafia, where there is simply the town and the mafia, jointing does not exist. It is when you introduce third party roles that jointing becomes possible. While some third party roles can joint with mafia, some can joint with town. There are also third party roles that can joint with either group, or can't joint at all. Some third party roles can even joint with each other.

LYLO, MYLO, WIFOM, Bus, Bandwagon, Blitz, Fakeclaim, Counter-claim, Power Roles, FoS, Hearts, Joint
Counter-claim, Fillering/Filler, Claim, Meta, WIFOM, Sheep, Fakeclaim, Joint

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