Hammer is a commonly used term in EpicMafia games. It can be used as a verb or noun. It can also be spelt as Hammar.

Hammer is the used term for this, because by putting in the final vote, "You are HAMMERing the nail in the coffin"

When used as a verb

To hammer means to put the last vote in a meeting (usually the village day meeting) Could happen at night if the role is afk


Player1: Playerb, we have all voted. Please hammer!

When used as a noun

A hammer means the last vote in the village day meeting.


player1: I will hold the hammer and make the final decision.
player2: Ok, so we all vote first.


Blitz Hammering is a variation of the term hammer used to convey a specific way of using the final vote for the player's benefit. For instance, if the player with the hammer is sided with the mafia, and the votes are broken between lynching a villager and lynching a member of the mafia, a "blitz hammer" may be cast in order to quickly bring an end to the day before someone takes off their vote. This is an important strategy for third party roles, especially the Fool, as well.

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