Bomb Bomb is a VillageVillage role. This is one of the many dangerous Village roles in the game.
Bomb Bomb
Anyone who attempts to kill bomb will be blown up. Bomb will die as well.

Sided with the village.


  • Anyone who attempts to kill bomb will be blown up. Bomb will die as well.
  • Bomb will not explode if lynched. 


  • If bomb holds an anarchist's bomb, anarchist will die as well when it explodes.
  • If voodoo curses bomb and bomb says cursed word, voodoo dies as well. 
  • If shot, the shooter will die. 
  • If killed during the night, only one mafia member will die. 
  • If healed by Doctor Doctor when attacked, Bomb will not die. 
  • If ate by the Werewolf, the Werewolf will die. 
  • If executed by theJailer Jailer or Interrogator, they will die. 
  • Original bomb icon
  • Blave bomb icon
  • Muskratte bomb icon

Strategies and Tactics

  • If there is a Interrogator in the setup, and they happen to jail you, claim a role that is high on the mafia kill-list. Something like a Civilian is a good tactic. However, experienced players will not execute on the spot.

Dealing with Bombs:

  • If you're playing in Fancy Pants, a good strategy is to No Kill quickly, if the night ends, the PR is most likely Bomb. The problem with this strategy is that you have to be quick and requires communication with your partner.
  • Let the Ninja vote first, he is the most useful person to kill with. Especially if there's a Tracker Tracker or a Watcher Watcher in the setup.

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