Welcome to the Beginners Guide for Epic Mafia! This guide will show you the ropes of basic Epic Mafia mechanics, how to vote, how to see what role you are, and other things.

This guide is written in the direction of people that have just signed up for Epic Mafia. It is recommended to read through if you have no idea what you are doing and want a rundown of every part of the site.

Pay attention well; there is a quiz at the end of the guide!

What is

Mafia is a game of deception. If you've ever played forum mafia, you should know the way that mafia works. Epicmafia is a live simulation of forum mafia. You get in a chatroom, get assigned roles and lynch the mafia!

The Lobby

How to join a game

When you first sign up for Epic Mafia you'll be redirected to the Training Lobby. This is where serious mafia players play for points. For fun, unranked games you would want to click the Sandbox Lobby and play there. To join a game click the red Join Game button. You'll be redirected to a chatroom where you wait for the correct amount of players to join, and the system will let you know how many players are needed. Once enough people join, you're rolling!

If you want to read a game that's already happened, click the red Spectate button and click Review Game on the next page (We'll get to what that page is on the next page) or the red Review button. Just remember, if the red button says Spectate or Review, it's already over.

How to create a game

To play an already existing Setup, click the Find Game tab. It's next to the join game tab above the red Training Lobby Button. From there you'll see a list of setups, just click Play. You'll notice that there are 3 Play buttons, confusing right? A heart indicates a ranked game, you can read more about those here but basically, a heart means points will be rewarded for that game, so if you want points click near the heart.

So the button on the left creates a game that will award points. The button in the middle creates a game for no points. The button with a lock on it lets you set a password for that game so only people who you give the password to can get in. Sneaky, huh?

If you look around on the same page you may see a link saying "Select roles to filter search". Clicking that will give you a bunch of pictures which we'll get to later, don't worry about it right now.

Note: Some setups are not allowed to be played in the Training Lobby. You'll know this when you try to make a game and get a message that says something like "You have roles that are forbidden in this lobby!"

But I want to play a game with different roles!

You can! To the right of the Find Game tab, you'll see the Create game tab with the list of roles. Click the up arrow to add that role (Click it multiple times to add more than one of that role) and click the down arrow to remove instances of that role. Click the red Create Game button to start an unranked game with those roles. At this point you can't save your own setups or play ranked games with your own setups, bummer.


The rules are very complex but they are just very detailed. Here is a simpler list of the rules: Don't troll, don't spam, don't copy and paste, participate, don't leave the game unless you really have to go, don't cheat, and don't harass people. Just use common sense. You have to be 13 years old or more to use and by that age you should know right from wrong.

Player Tab

There is a huge gray tab that says "Player", you might've noticed that while you were exploring the site. Below it are tiny tabs, yay! There are a lot of different things here. You can see public comments other players have left you, check your stats, check and send PMs, look at your list of friends and see who is online, view your stickers, and see ranked games that you've recently played. I know what you're thinking: "PMs, friends, stickers? What are you talking about now?!?!" and I know that it's confusing but it's really not.

The Stats page shows your wins as that role/total games as that role. You'll learn which role is which later. It also shows your amount of unfinished ranked games, amount of ranked games won, and amount of ranked games lost.

If you want to comment on your page, and you have 100 points, type your message in the gray box and press the red say it button. To search for another user's profile type their username in the narrow box on the right side of the page and press the red "Search for user" button. There you can comment the same way you can on yours, request to be friends, send them a sticker and PM them.

Stickers are novelty items that will be explained later, don't worry about it yet.


PMs or Private Messages work the same way as email do and the interface is easy.


At this point this tab just sends you to your profile and gives you "You are not part of a family yet!".

Edit bio

You can set up a message to appear on your profile page. Remember that everyone can see this! Basic HTML is supported. The go back to your settings link sends you to your options in which you can set your gender, age, location, upload an avatar, email a friend about epic mafia, and more.


You can donate to Epic Mafia under this button and buy tokens via paypal to unlock extra features. No extra features will help you in-game, all of them are just novelties.


Next to the gray player tab is a gray Round tab. Ignore this right now until you get to the advanced guide.


See Hall of Fame


Here you can see suggested roles by other Epic Mafia players and also get a brief description of the epic mafia roles.


A basic forum with several subsections to discuss various subjects with other EM players.

And now you know!

You now have a basic rundown of the site! Remember, if you want to learn any part of the site in detail, just do a search on this here wiki! Be sure to take the quiz and if you get a good score on it, move to the Intermediate Guide which will you give you basic in-game mechanics!

Beginners Quiz

This guide was reconstructed from the old wiki.[1]

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